Wedding in Italy Guide

Wedding in Italy Guide
Wedding in Italy Guide
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Wedding in Italy Guide
Wedding in Italy Guide
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Wedding in Italy Guide

Catholic Requirements


A Catholic wedding can be celebrated only if you have never been married before, unless the wedding was annulled by the ecclesiastic authority.
The documents must be obtained no more than 6 months before the wedding; otherwise they expire and are no longer valid.

1) Letter by the priest of the parish of the couple that gives his permission to celebrate the wedding in the Church chosen in Italy; the letter must also declare that all the wedding procedures have been performed.
2) Christening Certificate, Holy Communion Certificate must be sent along with the above letter.
3) The priest of your Parish must also provide for a letter by the Archbishop or Vicar of the parish stating the same matters as in the point 1).
4) Original copy of the wedding meeting with stamp/signature of the church is usually given in a form. This original is not a certificate but a kind of form with questions signed.
5) Seal or stamp by the office of the parish to confirm that everything is correct.

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