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Wedding in Italy Guide
Wedding in Italy Guide
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wedding in Italy Guide
Wedding in Italy Guide
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Wedding in Italy Guide



To avoid bad surprises, it is necessary to carefully select the agency or the wedding planner in Italy.

To celebrate a wedding in Italy you must follow some rules:

1. AVOID non-authorized consultants and wedding planners: for this reason you must always ask if a company is authori
zed in Italy and ask for the license number or V.A.T. number.

2. DO NOT TRUST people asking for payments in cash or with travel checks without a proper invoice in Italy: very often these are the people that work around the law and do not pay taxes and get paid ?under the table?.it is very difficult to call them and ask in case of judicial seat in case of problems of various kinds. Don?t understand what they want to say here?

3. Avoid people on the internet that do not write down the name and address of their legal headquarters. There are many operators that do not do that:

4. It is necessary to pay particular attention to companies that do not have sufficient contact information, such as a phone number, address and any actual information regarding the agency itself. It will happen that if you move forward with one of these illegal companies at a certain point they explode like a bomb, going out of business, without receiving any further contact from them once you've signed their illegitimate contract and couples end up being scammed! Not only do the wedding couples themselves get scammed by these agencies but also their suppliers. So the hotels, photographers, longer hear anything from these agencies and lose business, meaning time and money, along with the couples! There are many operators that do not do that :

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